lasercut birch plywood, dry pastel, pencil 12,5cm

The artwork consists of ten small figures hiding in EduCity, encouraging viewers to take a closer look at the campus premises and its architecture.

The colour scheme and materials of the artwork have been inspired by the wooden surfaces and tones used in the interior architecture of the building.

The figure is hiding in Taidon portaat and the second floor. Come and try to find me!
The temporary artwork will be in place from April to August 2022.

The artwork is a part of the KampusART pedagogic programme.

Seven seeds (+1) 2021

Seed I-VII, iron 47*45*25cm

Seven seeds (+1) deals with emotions, and the world as a whole created by them.

The marks left by the hammer shows the feelings I experienced while working. However, the spectator can not interpret the feelings I experience or how I relate to the piece.

The movement of the hand controlled by each emotion is different.

I have strived for both free and reduced self-expression at the same time. I wanted to be able to express myself freely but not to embody my own emotions. I wanted to leave the space for spectators' emotions in relation to the piece.

The sculptures represent emotions, including basic emotions of man; anger, joy, sorrow, amazement, disgust and fear.

Thrill 2021

bronze 7*6*4cm

Thrill is a feeling in the abdomen. Invisible but massive, and it covers everything for a moment.

Flesh 2020

plaster, wax, jute 34*15*7cm

Combining different materials is a natural way for me to create sculptures. "Flesh" combines wax, gypsum and jute.

I strongly identify with the materials I am working with. The effect of the material and the light in the workspace infiltrates into my state of mind and to my work of art.

Describing the mind through bodily existence is common in my work. The themes of fragility, roughness or strength are simultaneously present in my work.

Void 2014

iron, brass, peephole, headphones, video ø 57cm

Voyeurism has a negative and intrusive echo that evokes repulsive feelings.

Finland, the happiest country in the world, has an unknown number of closed doors and events behind them, which no one sees.

Inside the void, there is an unspoken desire to be seen, encountered and heard.

Void deals with the absurdity and intimacy surrounding violence.

Just another waste 2013

ceramic 34*16*22cm

This sculpture is made for myself to feel the material and shape. To patina the surface, I have kept the sculpture outdoors in vague conditions. The unnecessary, but at the same time satisfying, description and reproduction of something existing, and the way in which the piece is preserved reminds me of my relationship to art, which is contradictory and contemptuous. It`s place is not in the house.

Spring 2011

iron, ceramic 56*15 cm. Kemi Art Museum collections. Photo on the righ: Reima Juopperi 2021

I was originally sculpting a ceramic baby on his stomach with his hands and feet bouncing vigorously in the air. The joy of sculpting and the idea of ​​miraculous and multidimensional growth were present.

However, the sculpture was badly broken when I was about to resume it after a break. I often let my work live with unexpected events and listen to the material as I proceed.

In breaking the sculpture, I saw an opportunity that symbolizes hope and strength. From this hope, the sculpture took on a new shape - as well as its name. Spring always comes again.

One day I & II 2011

concrete, iron, plaster, brass, pencil. Syväkangas School, Kemi. Photos: Reima Juopperi 2021

One day I and II were ordered by the City of Kemi in 2011. The pieces are located at the premises of Kemi Syväkangas School. The art piece depicts perseverance, courage and the importance of dreaming on the way to achieving your goals.

Suffering Measuring Device 2011

The Suffering Measuring Device is a permanent work of art located in the village of Oranki, in the municipality of Pello, at the environmental art exhibition at Oranki Art. Photos: Lasse Lassheikki

The Suffering Measuring Device is so far the only implemented work in my Equipments -series.

Mum 2010

wood, moss, plaster, bark, iron 90*30cm

"Mum" is the result of the study of fear. According to a saying, one has to walk next to a fierce person as if walking on eggshells, fearing they would break. Being alert reinforces fear and together they form against each other.